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If you have a laser system and use CorelDraw with your laser, we have tools to help you. Laser Jump Start has developed product design software tools to help laser users make more with their lasers! Our software tools are used around the world in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since we have avid users worldwide, we share many thanks to our international community that helped translate our programs and manuals to help fellow users like you. If you haven’t heard about Laser Jump Start before, we apologize, for most of our advertising has been through word-of-mouth from our existing users community.

Laser Jump Start’s product design software and materials have been featured in the following publications:


Many of our customers have created their entire businesses centered around using Laser Jump Start’s software tools. Though many of our customers use our software tools to design one-of-a-kind pieces for their customers on-demand; we also have others that design their whole product line using our software tools. One of our customers shared that with the FlexIt Suite program he secured an $8,000.00 contract with a local winery to make their custom wine bottle gift boxes—this was just one contract. Others have shared within a couple product sales they’ve received their return on investment both in product sales and design time saves.

We are a team of engineers, programmers, and laser users located in Nampa, Idaho. We’ve been in the laser material processing industry for over 30-years helping new laser users jump-start their laser businesses and passions in a wide variety of markets, such as machining, aerospace, firearms, awards and recognition, signage, woodworking, hobbyists, apparel, and much more.

Year’s 2008-2010

The Laser Jump Start brand started with the idea to help new laser users make products with their lasers easily without previous CorelDraw user experience. Our goal has always been to help save laser users time design products to create with their laser—for our time is our most precious commodity!

Our first product design program was ARTWelder to create name badges and ornamental designs within CorelDraw. Next we developed the NameIt Suite to help laser users process long lists of name, numbers, and serialization for nameplates, labels, part identifications, etc. In 2010 we completed development for the BoxIt Suite, which is our most popular and dynamic product design tool enabling users to take an outline in CorelDraw and create product pieces to cut and engrave on your laser for a press-fit construction and a 3-dimensional finished product. The BoxIt Suite’s capabilities (icon’s) grew as our team and customers thought of more ideas like packaging, platforms, shadow boxes, and torsion boxes.

Year 2011

The BoxIt Suite program was launched at the Awards and Personalization Association show in Las Vegas in 2011 and we sold out of our stock in under 3-days. Our booth won multiple Best Single Booth awards with our displays and shelving all made using the BoxIt Suite program.

Pictured above, Laser Jump Start booth in 2012 at Awards and Personalization Association (formerly ARA) International Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Left to Right, Jessica (show helper), and Aubrey (marketing and sales manager).

Year 2012

“What if you could…” is the phrase that has instigated most of our program’s capabilities. Our next thought was what if we could flex around curved designs using BoxIt’s construction elements; thus the FlexIt Suite was born not only allowing you to flex sheet stock in your designs, but also create concentric and eccentric cones, and curve boxes as well. At the same time we were developing the FrameIt Suite offering both a standalone feature for use outside of CorelDraw along with the bulk features within CorelDraw allowing users to create unlimited lines of text, frames, and layered artwork that maintains the artwork outline within the welded sections as vector engrave lines—normally these areas are lost when using the weld feature in CorelDraw.

In order to develop a lot of samples for our trade show booths, we selected large sheets of kitchen paneling 1/8th inch thick from local suppliers so we could make our prototypes. What we learned, was many of our customers liked the prototype material, but couldn’t find the material in their local areas. We had so many customers asking us were we sourced our wood for our trade show samples that we released our own material line of MDF (Medium Density Fiber). made in the U.S.A. finished on both sides with a different color enabling users to use either side for their projects reducing sheet stock costs and storage needs. We originally released 6 different color-sets for a total of 12 colors. 

Year 2018

In 2018 we released our WrapIt program that utilizes the flexing features in the FlexIt Suite; however, enables you to create your own designs for the flexible cuts to make wraps for cups, tumblers, bracelets, rings, etc. This is a fun program to use and helps to make promotional pieces quickly.

We modified our material line in 2018 due to increased manufacturing costs, we discontinued the 3 color-sets that were least popular (LJSM003, LJSM004, and LJSM006) and continued to offer our most popular color-sets of LJSM001, LJSM002, and LJSM005.

Over the Years

Through the course of our main software developments, we’ve also developed an extensive library of supporting template packages to serve as training aids for our main programs as well as offer standalone product designs.

We have additional software tools under development and continue to test ideas. Its amazing to see what others have created using our software tools and how their businesses have grown as a result.

Year 2019

Our website is going through a much-needed renovation and in July 2019 we changed platforms to assist in the rebuild. We want to thank you for your patience as we are going through this transition to develop and optimize our new website. 

If you have any questions about our Laser Jump Start programs, template packages, materials, or distributed products, please reach out to us using the contact form below or feel free to call us as well.