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Laser Jump Start 2014 Product Design Contest Results



Laser Jump Start (LJS) hosted a product design contest in 2014 for LJS users in the following categories: BoxIt Suite, FlexIt Suite, FrameIt Suite, ARTWelder, and Combinations. Entries were required to use one or more LJS main programs to create their product and post entries to LJS’s Pinterest Contest Boards or email for inclusion. Contestants received industry publicity for their products and a chance to win bundle prices from industry suppliers!

Entry Requirements (All Entries were due June 6th, 2014):
  • Must enter Designs Created Using a Capability or Function of a LJS Main Program (ARTWelder, BoxIt Suite, FlexIt Suite, and/or FrameIt Suite) as the Products’ Constructional Framework.
  • Designs Must be Created and Photographed within the Last 4 Years (2010-2014)!
  • Do Embellish Your Entries to Make them Creative and Unique to Attract Votes!
  • Do Enter a Clear, Well-Lit Photograph of your Finished Product Accompanied by an Entry Description.
  • Do Enter as Many Product Designs in Each Contest Category that Comply with Entry Requirements.
  • Rule of Thumb: Enter Products You Would be Proud to Display in your Shop!
Voting Terms (All Votes were Due June 30th, 2014)—Open to fellow laser users:
  • Voters selected their favorite entries in each contest category via LJS’s website form.
  • Voters received a Chance to Win Prize Bundles including:
    • A Complimentary Software Demo with an LJS technician for prospective LJS Users (20 Winners Receive Demos); OR a Complimentary Software Training Session for Existing LJS Users (20 Winners Receive Training Sessions).
    • Free Complete A&E 1-Year Subscription (Online and Print) + Bonus Guides (5 Lucky Winners):
      • All monthly issues in print and digital formats
      • Annual Buyer’s Guide
      • The Hot Graphics Report
      • The Laser Engraving Report
      • The Sublimation Report
      • The Team Sales Report
      • Weekly E-Newsletter Subscription








1st Place: Liquid Candles by Stacey with JnELabs


2nd Place: Jewelry Box by Caren with Caren’s Laser


3rd Place (Tie): Sawing Man by Tony with Leawood Technology
3rd Place (Tie): Bow Case by Phillip with Laser Pattern Werx 


4th Place: iPad Holder by David with Ohio Valley Crafts


5th Place: Gift Box by Phillip with Laser Pattern Werx








1st Place: Living Hinge Box by Carl with Laser Zapped


2nd Place: Lampshade by Duncan with Crawford’s Garage


3rd Place: Helicopter by Charles with Phatdad Systems


4rd Place: Clock by Charles with Phatdad Systems


5th Place: Heart Box by  Phillip with Laser Pattern Werx








1st Place: Senior Frame by Kevin with Eagle Laser Engraving


2nd Place: Sign by Jan with Oak Tree Embroidery






1st Place: Ornament by Carl with Laser Zapped


2nd Place: Ornaments by Rubin with Gifts World Plus


3rd Place: Retirement Ornament by Michael with Hocking Hills Laser Engraving, LLC


4th Place (Tie): BDE Christmas Ornament by Michael with Hocking Hills Laser Engraving, LLC


4th Place (Tie): Ornament by Michael with Hocking Hills Laser Engraving, LLC








1st Place: Head by Tony with Leawood Technology


2nd Place: Clear Box by Gian with Vepram-Vetoplast SRL


3rd Place: Cribbage Box by Phillip with Laser Pattern Werx


4th Place: Treasure Chest by Charles with Phatdad Systems


5th Place: Treasure Chest by Charles with Phatdad Systems