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New Software Training Options

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Though we offer Getting Started Guides, installation/tutorial videos, and user manuals for all of our Laser Jump Start software programs, sometimes customers prefer live training to help bring their ideas to life.


We've offered live software training for years to help new users with their Laser Jump Start software tools. However, we traditionally offered training in 1-hour sessions. As the years have gone by we've recognized many customers didn't need a full hour to assist with their designs--in fact, 10-15 minutes was enough to cover most questions. In order to help everyone save more time, we have a variety of shorter options available now!


Our Live One-on-One Advanced Software Training is available in 15-minute training sessions at a reduced rate. We've helped customer with full product designs, creating construction elements, combining features from multiple LJS programs (like the BoxIt Suite, FlexIt Suite, and FrameIt Suite), as well as offering CorelDraw training for laser users.


We are happy to offer these revised training options to help jump-start your product creation!


View more details on our training sessions below:

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